How To Do Flower Nail Art

The many ways to wear pink. Discover how to create a beautiful pink Ombre and how to draw a fantasy pattern with bright colours. Who said pink and turquoise don't go together?!

How To Do Fuchsia Pink Ombre Nails

Mix the styles! Create a beautiful flower nail art on one nail first, then combine it with a Matte nail, Glossy nail and a Babyboomer Ombre nail for a very stylish touch. Just pick your gel nail...

Easy Gold Drawing Nails

ALL GLAM! It's time to show off with a royal look💅✨ It's actually easier to do than you might think 😉 Watch now!

How To Do Green Water Ombre Nails

Create a beautiful turquoise Ombre with iridescent glitter for a refreshing look on your nails! 💚💧💙

How To Do Jungle Nails

Wear the gorgeous exotic Toucan set on your nails for a bright tropical look! 🦜🌴

Glitter Designs to Make Your Nails Shine ✨

Decorate your nails with pretty fantasy designs of colour & glitter with the gorgeous River of Sparkles Gel Polish and the 11mm Artist Brush.

How To Do Zebra Nail Art

Give your nails a Wild & Chic Look with an easy Zebra nail art simply done with one of our new Artist brushes. 

How To Do Summer Ombre Nails

Bring colour to your nails with a bright Summer Ombre Nail Art. Easy and fun to do with the Ombre Brush! Perfect summer style.

How to apply gel polish on your nails

What you need, how to prepare your nails and how to apply gel polish step by step guide and video tutorial.