Easy Gold Drawing Nails

Easy Gold Drawing Nails Nail Art Bay

ALL GLAM! It's time to show off with a royal look💅✨ Bring gold to your nails with Fancy But Easy designs. I practiced with the brush a bit to get the patterns I wanted, but really it draws on its own. The trick is to keep your brush soft by cleaning it properly with acetone when you're done. Give it a try! It's fun and rewarding. That would work well as a Christmas Nail Art 😉


 To achieve this look, you'll need:

  • I Go First gel polish
  • The Perfect Coat or The Velvet Coat
  • La Dame en Rouge gel polish
  • Royal Marine gel polish
  • Robe Noire gel polish
  • Pure Gold chrome powder
  • The 11mm Artist brush
  • LED or UV nail lamp
  • Basic kit (alcohol or cleaner to remove any trace of oil from your nails and clean your brush, paper towel or pad and a wooden cuticle stick to scrape off the gel in case you get over the edges)




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