How To Do Fuchsia Pink Ombre Nails

Fuchsia Flower & Ombre Nails Nail Art Bay

Mix the styles! Create a beautiful flower nail art on one nail first, then combine it with a Matte nail, Glossy nail and a Babyboomer Ombre nail for a very stylish touch. Just pick your gel nail colour to start with!

Watch how to create beautiful Fuchsia Ombre Nails with gel polish at home and how to decorate your nails with pretty a flower nail design using the Artist nail art brush.

I used Glamour Me gel polish for the fuchsia pink nail colour, Sand Dune gel polish for the nude nail colour base, the Velvet Coat gel top coat to create the matte effect on the nail and the Perfect Coat no wipe top coat for the glossy finish to create this lovely Nail Art.

I used the Ombre brush to create the gradient design and the 11mm Artist nail art brush to do the flower design.

Altogether the mix of styles gives such amazing result, it really looks like fancy nails from the nail salon (or maybe better 😉)

To create this look, you'll need:

  • I Go First gel polish
  • The Perfect Coat
  • The Velvet Coat
  • Sand Dune gel polish
  • Glamour Me gel polish
  • The 11mm Artist brush
  • The Ombre Brush
  • LED or UV nail lamp
  • Basic kit (alcohol or cleaner to remove any trace of oil from your nails and clean your brush, paper towel or pad and a wooden cuticle stick to scrape off the gel in case you get over the edges)

 Level of difficulty: medium


Let's get started!
Watch the video and follow the steps



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