How To Do Coral Pink Ombre Nails

How To Do Pink Ombre Nails Nail Art Bay

Gorgeous bright and glossy Coral Pink Ombre Nails for Summer! 

Ombre is probably one of the most popular Nail Design, if not the most popular. With its magical gradient that gives a WOW effect on your nails!

My favourite, the gorgeous Coral Pink Ombre Nail design. Summery and glossy, it gives a stunning glossy look to your nails without being overwhelming.

I composed this look a while ago, and I still love it for its bright and refreshing look ;)

For this nail art, I used the pretty Creamy Baby gel nail polish for the soft pink nail colour, Exotic Coral gel nail polish for the syrupy coral nail colour, So Hot So Glossy Fuchsia gel nail polish for the hot pink nail colour and the must-have Ombre brush – the ultimate nail art tool to achieve the perfect Ombre nail gradient with gel polish.

If you want to know how I did it, have a look at the video tutorial below and follow the step-by-steps guide!

To create this look, you'll need:

  • I Go First gel nail polish
  • The Perfect Coat
  • Creamy Baby gel nail polish
  • Exotic Coral gel nail polish
  • So Hot So Glossy Fuchsia gel nail polish
  • The Ombre brush from the Smart 5 Double-Ended Nail Art Brush Set
  • LED or UV nail lamp
  • Basic kit (alcohol or cleaner to remove any trace of oil from your nails and clean your brush, paper towel or pad and a wooden cuticle stick to scrape off the gel in case you get over the edges)

Level of difficulty: easy


Let's get started!
Watch the video and follow the steps


  1. First, clean the surface of your nails with a small piece of paper towel or pad soaked in a little alcohol and keep it aside.

  2. Apply a thin layer of I Go First gel polish by starting at the tip and slowly moving towards the base of the nail. Carefully slide your hand under the LED lamp and cure for 20 seconds (1-2 minutes for UV lamp, 4 minutes for the Cracker lamp).

  3. Now apply a thin layer of Creamy Baby gel polish and cure for 20 seconds. Apply a second coat and cure again for 20 seconds (3 minutes for the Cracker lamp).

  4. Apply Creamy Baby gel polish this time only at the base of the nail, apply now Exotic Coral gel polish in the middle of the nail (a thick layer) then apply So Hot So Glossy Fuchsia gel polish on the tip of the nail (also a thick layer). Take The Ombre brush and start gently moving the colours from the tip to the base of the nail in a horizontal pattern. Remove excess colour by wiping off your brush. Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds (1-2 minutes for UV lamp, 4 minutes for the Cracker lamp). Repeat for a second coat and cure again for 30 seconds.

  5. Finish by applying a coat of The Perfect Coat gel polish starting at the tip and slowly moving towards the base of the nail. Finish by sealing the tip of the nail. Cure for 30 seconds. Touch the surface of your nails to check if it's completely dry, if not cure for another 30 seconds. This is a no wipe top coat, so your nails should be dry when finished (no need to rub with alcohol).

That's it!
Hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial :)


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